Thursday, August 12, 2010


Alright so this is the kickoff of my art blog! been getting requests for a blog so I thought I'd finally start one.

kay, introductions:

My name is Aaron and I'm a digital/traditional artist who draws and models constantly. I've lived in Seattle for a couple years now and attend an art school focusing on video game art and design. I specialize in Autodesk Maya and Photoshop CS4, and am familiar with Autodesk Mudbox, Flash CS4 and Actionscript 3.0, Aftereffects CS4, AutoDesk 3DS Max, and have messed around with a couple game engines at the surface level.

Personally, I model and texture low and high resolution models for games and pre-rendered animation and am skilled at conceptualization and rendering. I also know the basics of rigging, programming logic, and animation (both 2D and 3D). Now that you've got an idea at what I do, I'm going to be updating this blog at least once a week with work or comments, feel free to critic anything I post and I'd love suggestions!

So Here's some color concepts and lighting schemes for an environment concept I made up for my interior spaces & worlds class. This evolved from a 30 second thumbnail and is supposed to be a mixture of post modern architecture and futuristic egyptian, which comes through much clearer in the finished concept piece (below).

The original drawing was meant to be a short hallway with an eight foot ceiling, but turned up being a massive chamber in the final concept. I'll be modeling this for the rest of the class and will be finished (modeled, textured, lit, rendered) in five weeks.

Next up is a concept for my casual games class, in which we're currently prototyping a game that takes place in a restaurant that needed lots of patrons with character.
Finally, some rough work! this is quick stuff, but maybe shows more of my style!

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