Friday, December 9, 2011

Demo Reel

So my final demo reel for graduation is up on youtube and linked on my website. The shame is the amount of time it took to iron out some kinks, composite the whole thing and fuck with aftereffects is probably greater than the time it would've taken to make one piece that'd be better than anything on there. Oh well, haha in one month it'll be obselete anyways.

In other news, rerendered my minion character from zbrush in an attempt to get a composited render i liked more. started comping AO and Shadow passes by inverting them and setting the blend modes to subtract instead of just multiplying them. I'll be doing turntables from zbrush on sunday so those are going to be next up on here I think.
At any rate, I'm done messing around with this guy (except for the turntables) and am going to focus on new stuff.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Zbrush Timelapse, Portfolio Website and more!

   Hey all, Now that I've got most of my stuff together for graduation, finally decided to throw up some new stuff on here. First of all, my site is complete except for my demo reel (Which will be up in a day or two), and here it is!

Here are some images for my flatbook, just to highlight a few projects that i finished in the last few weeks before I could even get them on here. Also, my entry for the environment art test a couple months ago (damn i wish i had done the creature test instead)

Next, a few zbrush speed sculpts.
First is some sort of crab-headed looking alien. W/E haha
 Next up is a few sci fi torso conceptual iterations. none of these took very long, just trying to get ideas for my last project this quarter. Zbrush is quickly becoming my favorite program for conceptual design.

 Here's a couple timelapses. Finally! now you can see a little bit of my process, mostly used the Damien standard, H polish, Clay tubes and Clay Buildup brushes, all of these guys (except the shitty one in the upper left) were made from a quick Zsphere base.

 This guy is a speed sculpt, only a few hours in, based on a concept by AdamVehige. Also a timelapse for this!

This one (on the left) is just a test of what i could do with about 4 hours. Not happy with the outcome as a whole, but could practice for nailing out a specific workflow. This one helped me achieve the others above it so quickly. The one on the right was just another hour-or-so face that i'd been wanting to try for a while.

 Last but not least, some drawings. Haven't had as much time for traditional concept stuff lately, but managed to fill about a third of my new sketchbook, so i guess that's something.