Friday, September 10, 2010

Sketchbook Work

finally getting around to posting some sketchbook work, most of you who are interested in this have likely seen it already. This is what's been taking what little spare time I have this quarter.

This first one is a little scene i did of a candy shop. panda hat :(

The second one is of some internet "urban legend" called slenderman; look it up, it's kinda creepy. also for someone else. I like the pig on the bottom of page 3.

A Zebracorn idea, and an upright crocodile warrior. I love drawing reptiles and crocodiles are my favorite animals to draw. Below, a pregnant chick with a hammer (???) and some viking looking fellow as well as the poodle from hell. bellow right we've got a snail with a rocket pack, and a predator and his three types of prey.

 Down below is a lot more randomness, including dudes with weapons, robots, animals, faces, and structures. At the very bottom is a drawing very special to me.