Sunday, August 15, 2010

3 New Paintings

I'm trying to do one or two paintings per day, here I did another photostudy, a fantasy one that should be observed with a blacklight, and some kind of sci-fi corridor fiddling with perspective.

the photostudy is of a picture i actually took myself in Nante, france. Very interesting building. It's the remaining tower (the other was destroyed during WWII) of a cookie factory (LU biscuits, you can actually buy them here in america). I love the color on the actual tower itself, so it was a real treat to paint.

This second one is a fantasy painting of a giant magical tree at night. The story behind it is up to you i suppose, but I imagined some sort of wizard lives in it and conducts so much magic that the tree and all the plants around it have become enchanted.

This last one was a kind of lazy effort at making something sort of futuristic. it's kinda generic, but it was fun messing around with the different lines in perspective and i've always sort of liked this sort of sci-fi vision.

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