Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Wow, my first post since I graduated. Sorry about that. I've felt less motivated to post on here since then for some reason. Hopefully, this will get me back into the habit of it.

Not going to be the art dump that it usually is for me this time, just a few paintings I've done in my spare time.

First one is a 6 hour photo study of Scarlett Johansson. I'm happy with the way the values look, but the shapes need work. Lots of work. I've never finished a portrait in Photoshop before so it was really great just to call something done. This was also the first study I've done without doing any color picking (that is, from the reference photo) which made it an infinitely more valuable learning experience.

Speaking of things I haven't finished... (and probably won't)
Here are a couple other WIP Paintings/concepts from the last couple months. Didn't really put more than a couple hours into the colored versions of either of them.

I'll get around to posting some of the ridiculous number of drawings from the past few months soon, I hope. I'll also be posting some work (probably) from Battle Nations when the next update goes live.

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