Friday, December 9, 2011

Demo Reel

So my final demo reel for graduation is up on youtube and linked on my website. The shame is the amount of time it took to iron out some kinks, composite the whole thing and fuck with aftereffects is probably greater than the time it would've taken to make one piece that'd be better than anything on there. Oh well, haha in one month it'll be obselete anyways.

In other news, rerendered my minion character from zbrush in an attempt to get a composited render i liked more. started comping AO and Shadow passes by inverting them and setting the blend modes to subtract instead of just multiplying them. I'll be doing turntables from zbrush on sunday so those are going to be next up on here I think.
At any rate, I'm done messing around with this guy (except for the turntables) and am going to focus on new stuff.

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