Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pixel Art

I've been doing more pixel art, here's a gator looking dude that isn't pixel art. This is part of a personal project that I'm not talking too much about right now. IM SO MYSTERIOUS, GUYS.
Next is a WIP sketch of some characters for a game I'm working on with a friend about animal hoarding. Apparently, that's a thing.

Here's the pixel art I was talking about. This is a WIP image showing off some pixel art I did during a 2 day game jam this last weekend. It was cool and fun and other adjectives too.

The name of the game was "It Probably Came from Outer Space." It's a game where you play as an action hero filming the final scene of a 50's style, sci-fi B-movie about an alien invasion.

This is the game over screen, where you see the business executives in charge of funding the film disapproving of your use of the budget:

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