Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Longest. Post. Ever.

Finally getting around to posting art for the first time in a couple months, been putting it off because I've been too lazy to organize and resize stuff. Okay, where to start?

Here's some Zbrush stuff from around a month ago, I've gotten a lot more comfortable with its tools and will be using it in just about any pipeline from this point on. A few of these are just re-renders of older projects using Zbrush's BPR system.

The Zombie was for Zbrush club at the school, most everything else was for fun.

Next, a couple characters that are still sort of WIP that I've done for my Advanced 3D Animation class. They're stone golems brought to life through magic, or something.
First image is some thumbnails i did while coming up with the idea for them, the second is the finished (at least finished enough) concept piece and the third is the semi-textured models. They've both been rigged by my good friend Brucif and I've been working on animations for them.
Next up is some really quick character and prop concepts for my mod team pitch. Basically, it was a video game version of Superjail. The characters are a big burly (yet wimpy) inmate trying to escape a bunch of twistedly hilarious traps operated by a bunch of cute and terrifying minions. Probably the most fun concepting I've done to date.

I've been doing almost exclusively character art because that's what my real artistic passion is, so next is some more focused character stuff. First is the final version of the Gargantuan Dagger shrew I designed and built at the end of the Winter quarter for 2011.

I was also wanted to enter Dominance war this year, but I'm not going to get it done on time without rushing it. Here's some conceptual stuff for my entry.

 Some more concepts I did for the Mod Team pitch that actually got picked:


This has mostly been Class related stuff, so here's some personal work. If you know my work, then you know what to expect: lots of drawings.

Some characters and creatures that I just thought into existence:

Here's a couple pages from when I managed to make it to life drawing once last quarter. I wish I had time to go more often :\

 A more recent sketchbook page with some little robots, more creatures, and the Sleepwalker! The first mech designed for sleep!
 I also realized that I missed doing environment work so I did a few thumbnails and quick pieces in photoshop for fun. I'd like to expand on some of the sketches in this first one.

More robot and character sketches.

Last (but not least!) are some screenshots from the impact project last quarter in advanced level design. I was the project lead, as well as a modeler, texture artist, concept artist, and a layout artist. The team also consisted of 6 other people, and we were pretty pleased with the scope and look of the project for it being a one-quarter project in the unity engine.

And that's a wrap! Hopefully it won't be another two months until I update this thing, but even if it is, I'm sure it'll be another crazy long group of work.

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